About Essex Deep Cleaners

Essex Great Cleaners around Colchester

Deep cleaning including carpet cleaning, oven cleaning, window cleaning and frames


End of tenancy cleaning - After builders clean

Deep commercial clean - Spring clean

Mould disinfection clean - Reviving wood

About EGC Cleaning, professional cleaners specialised in end of tenancy clean, before and after builders cleaning:


EGC Essex Great Cleaners is specialised in deep cleaning jobs to individuals and businesses.

Our area of expertise includes end of tenancy cleaning , before and after building work cleaning, commercial cleaning.

We can save you time and money by providing full deep clean solutions including oven cleaning, carpet cleaning and window cleaning.


We are a team of self-employed cleaners located in Colchester, North Essex, near Suffolk.

Providing excellent cleaning services is important to us.

Each photo in our gallery is a genuine photo of our work.

You will not need to hire different companies to clean your property.


On top of the usual deep cleaning duties, ovens, windows, carpets, patios, reviving wood is a special skill many customers appreciate.

Pictures in this section have been taken during an end of building clean.


Builders extended a kitchen, installed new doors with windows, bathroom, terrace.

Windows needed cleaning after being painted, kitchen and living area needed a deep clean, wooden floors and furnitures were covered in building dust.

We were hired to deeply clean the home. The landlady was astonished!

She said her floors looked much better than they did before the builders came in.


When we clean windows, we clean edges, inside out and in between rails, scrap paint on windows.

Being precise and paying attention to details enables us to provide excellent results.


End of tenancy clean requires deep cleaning of bathrooms including fans, lamp shades, oven and cooker need to be cleaned inside out, behind and underneath. Wires often get sticky, greasy and dirty. We can safely clean them but will take caution to turn switches off.

Please make us aware of any potential electric hazard*.


Cleaning walls and skirting boards is essential when moving houses.

Sometimes, we clean mouldy houses. The paint work can be affected by mould.

We accept to paint spots, cover holes, refresh walls as well as cleaning.

For major decoration operations, we recommand you hire a decorator.


If your garden needs refreshing, members of our team are professional landscapers as well as being experienced cleaners.


*Heath and safety regulations are enforced at all time whilst performing a job on site and in domestic premises.

Any hazard occuring will be recorded in a health and safety file. Risk assessment will be taken before performing a job.


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